Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club — Albuquerque, NM

Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club — Albuquerque, NM


  • Layout: 10
  • Conditions: 9
  • Staff: 8
  • Value: 10

TCS™: 9.25

— Not counted in TCS™, but just as important (imo):

  • Pace of Play: Fast to Moderate

*All ratings are out of 10 possible points.


This is an amazing course. We played 10-27. I loved this course enough that I want to come back and see 1-9. Layout is amazing. Standing on #12, both my pops and I spontaneously said, “Wow!” The hole is stunning. Pictures don’t do it justice. It is the featured image for this posting. Conditions were near perfect, but not completely perfect. Staff were very nice. At under $50 for 18 with a cart, to play a course of this caliber, the value is a solid 10. Go play this one! Let me know how 1-9 look if I haven’t updated when you go. 🙂

This was my 100th round here at TCS™. I am so happy that my pops was with me for the milestone. Thanks Dad for making the trip! I know three rounds (4 for me) in 3 days is a lot. Memories forever! We started with The Hideout, stayed in Durango for the night (great quaint little town btw, it was rocking the night we were there, balloon festival, high school party, steam train whistle blowing, etc.), down to the 4-corners monument the next morning, Pinon Hills Golf, down to Albuquerque for two nights, up in the morning Twin Warriors for me, meet up with Dad, drive up to Paa-Ko Ridge, stay one more night in ABQ, then drive home. All told, 1500-miles round trip; 4-courses; lots of desert scenery; some great, possibly the best Mexican seafood of my life; and, again: memories forever. Thanks Dad! 100 Rounds posted. Phew! Here’s to 100 more!!

Scorecard for 10-18: LINK

Scorecard for 19-27: LINK

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