PGA West Players Stadium — La Quinta, CA

PGA West Players Stadium — La Quinta, CA


  • Layout: 9
  • Conditions: 9
  • Staff: 8
  • Value: 6

TCS™: 8.0

— Not counted in TCS™, but just as important (imo):

  • Pace of Play: Slow to Moderate

*All ratings are out of 10 possible points.


Played a nice round here in January with Dad. We also played with a bloke from Canada who actually used the word “Eh” quite frequently. I always figured the use of the word in pop culture was a bit of an exaggeration, but it seems the peoples from the lands to the north do use the word quite a bit.

Nice Pete Dye design. I played well. The starter said I’d be lucky to break 90 and if i was really good and lucky I might break 80. So, I felt good about my round. My biggest regret was a double on 1 and 16. 16 was the most painful. I missed the island green and had to use the water drop. Sigh! It stung because I was perfectly online with the stick, but the wind was enough to push my 8-iron shot two feet shy of the edge of the island, and…splash!

However, I eagled 7. I hit a long drive along the edge of the water leaving my chip shot about 40-yards out. I hit the chip. It went up into the sun so I instinctively kept my head down, eyes focused on the flag and green. A moment later, looking into the sun soaked green, I saw the stick move and heard the sound of something hitting the cup. I turned around looking at my father who was sitting in the golf cart about 5 yards behind me. I asked, “Did you hear that, did it just go in?” He replied, “I can’t tell, but I heard it.” From there I just walked up to the green, my father taking over control of the cart. I waiting for our Canadian companion to chip up and then walked up to the cup. I looked in, saw the mark on the rim of the cup from my ball and saw this:

Eagled No. 7 at PGA West TPC - Players Stadium

Eagled No. 7 at PGA West TPC – Players Stadium

I whooped, my father laughed. It was a great moment.

I’d play here again for sure, given the chance.

My scorecard: LINK