The Wilderness at Fortune Bay — Tower, MN

The Wilderness at Fortune Bay — Tower, MN


  • Layout: 9
  • Conditions: 9
  • Staff: 9
  • Value: 10

TCS™: 9.25

— Not counted in TCS™, but just as important (imo):

  • Pace of Play: PAINFULLY slow (go figure, it’s a resort)

*All ratings are out of 10 possible points.


Coming from the desert, I really enjoyed the lush green design cut into the thick woods. It’s thick to the point that you don’t go after an errant shot. Poison ivy is everywhere in the undergrowth. The design has a lot of variety, some great risk/reward, and is all around top notch. Conditions were a bit soggy (can’t be blaimed for the rain), but very well maintained. All of the staff I interacted with were very nice. At $60 for 18 with a cart, for this caliber of golf, value is a solid 10. Go play this one if you are ever in BFE Minnesota!

My scorecard for the round: LINK

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