Twin Warriors Golf Club — Albuquerque, NM

Twin Warriors Golf Club — Albuquerque, NM


  • Layout: 8
  • Conditions: 8
  • Staff: 8
  • Value: 5

TCS™: 7.25

— Not counted in TCS™, but just as important (imo):

  • Pace of Play: Moderate to Slow

*All ratings are out of 10 possible points.


Interesting layout. Conditions are solid, and staff are very nice. This is tied in with a hotel/resort so it is quite expensive. I paid over $80 to play, and with resort a$kholes on the course, it plays slow. I played as a solo. Got waived through one group after catching up. We started with about 3 holes spacing us, but as a single I can only hit so many extra shots. I caught another group and sat on their heels for about 6 holes. I tried to give them space, but they were playing really slow. A walking 4-some, me in a cart. Them reading every putt, me putting with the stick in. I finally scooted around  them on a short par 3 on the back (I think it was 15, which is why that is all messed up on my scorecard below). I left them a mowed up golf ball in #18 cup with some choice words written on it! Wankers!

My scorecard: LINK

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